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Where should I install my charger?

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There are a few things you should consider when choosing where to install your EV charger.

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Private off-street parking

To install an EV charger at home, you’ll need a private off-street parking space. This can include a driveway, garage, or carport but must not require any cables to run across a public footpath. We’re unable to install an EV charger on public land. You’ll be asked about your parking space when completing our online home survey.

If your parking space is on privately owned communal land (like a shared carpark), we’ll need permission from the landowner or building management before the installation can go ahead. This will need to include confirmation that there is a parking spot designated to your property, and approval to do any additional work such as groundworks (to run cables underground from the main electricity supply to the charger). We’ll also need explicit approval for the installation to cross communal areas if there are other people who walk on the land.

Please note, Ohme requires a strong 3G/4G mobile phone signal to work as a smart charger. Sometimes, installing your charger in a garage or underground can affect the mobile signal. You’ll still be able to use your charger without mobile signal, but you won’t be able to benefit from Ohme’s smart charging capabilities.

A convenient parking spot

Your charger should be installed somewhere you can easily park your car and plug in to charge. Consider the location of the charging port on your car, and whether your preferred charger location will require a tricky reverse onto your drive to plug in.

Our Ohme Home Pro comes with a 5m cable as standard, but you can choose to upgrade to the 8m option if your parking spot is a little further away. If you opt for the Ohme ePod, you’ll have a choice between a 5m or 8m charging cable.

Distance from your incoming supply

Our standard installation package, included in the purchase of all of our chargers, accommodates up to 15m of cabling running from your incoming electricity supply to your charger. If you’d like your charger installed a little further away, you may need a custom installation. Custom installations are typically more expensive as they include additional materials and require extra work. You can find out more about what’s included in a standard installation here.

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