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How our chargers work

We’ve engineered and developed two leading-edge home chargers to ensure you get more from your EV. Ohme’s unique smart EV charging technology uses live data to provide you with smarter, greener and cheaper charging.

Dynamic charging

Our chargers use live data to start and stop charging to align with low energy demand periods, when prices are lower. Reliably optimising your charging sessions whilst balancing the grid.

Any energy tariff

We’re the only EV charging provider to integrate with all energy tariffs, including Intelligent Octopus and OVO Charge Anytime. Ohme works out the greenest and cheapest times to charge so you don’t have to.

Next generation now

Take advantage of over-the-air tech updates to keep you ahead of the charging curve. It’s simple: once connected to the Ohme cloud, you’ll be able to access new features when available.

Unrivalled dynamic charging

Standard charging

Standard tariff charging session using a basic stop/start schedule. The car is powered until the charging goal is met, and the price of the energy drawn is the same throughout the charging window, and adds up.

Standard charging or off-peak charging window

Dynamic charging

Ohme chargers use live data from the grid to automatically reach the desired charge level within a schedule. The car is charged when electricity demand is lower and prices cheaper, while still meeting the desired charging goal.

Smart charging window – cheaper and greener

Ohme Home Pro, now solar compatible

Say hello to Solar Boost – our latest feature developed so that you use the Home Pro to fill up your EV with excess solar generation. Reducing grid reliance while ensuring your car is ready for whenever you are – no matter the weather. Making it even easier for drivers to unlock smarter, cheaper, and greener charging at home.

Ohme Home Pro

Featuring a colour screen and tethered cable to power your EV the easy way

Shop now from £999*, including standard installation

Ohme ePod

Featuring a more compact design, ready for your Type 1 or Type 2 cable

Shop now from £949*, including standard installation

Energy tariff integration made a breeze

We’re the only EV charging provider to integrate with all energy tariffs, including Intelligent Octopus and OVO Charge Anytime, the next generation of EV charging tariffs. Unlocking charging at a super low rate – saving your wallet and the planet.

Link seamlessly with your tariff

It’s easy to link your Ohme charger with your tariff. Simply select your supplier in the Ohme app to view a list of their tariffs and find yours. We’ll then take it from here.

Charging your car at home has never been easier

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Ohme Smart EV Charging

New to electric vehicles?

Here’s what every new EV driver needs to know about charging at home.

Next generation of power

We never stand still. Our technology is hardworking and smart, but we always look to the future to offer new innovations to our customers. Here’s some of the things we’re working on.

Ready for all EV tariffs

Say hello to complete peace of mind – your Ohme charger integrates with all energy tariffs, including new EV type of use as well as off peak tariffs.

Solar charging

Now available. We’ve been busy developing new solar charging technology so that you can use your Ohme Home Pro charger to fill up your car with excess solar generation.

Grid connectivity

Our chargers connect to the grid and your car, enabling you to access the cheapest and greenest energy when demand is low. Be part of balancing the grid today and for the future.