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How do I update my charging target?

hand holding a phone showing the Ohme app charging page updating a charging amount

The Ohme app allows you to create charging routines for different days of the week to suit your charging habits. Alternatively, if your charging behaviour doesn’t follow a regular pattern, for example charging every Sunday night, then you can manage your smart charge directly on the Charging screen.

Here, we’ll take a look at:

How to set a charge target

Ohme app Charging screen with Dynamic Charging enabled.

Dynamic Charging on

You can set a charge target via the Charging page of the Ohme app by toggling this setting on.

To update the charging target, simply tap either the “Charge to” or “Charge to add” percentage and “Ready by” time and adjust them accordingly. In this example, we have set a target to ‘add’ 30% charge by 08:00am the next morning.

These settings will be applied to the next charging session, and will remain set unless they are either adjusted, or “Dynamic charging” is disabled.

Charging screen with Dynamic Charging off. Ohme is set to charge to full as soon as possible

Dynamic Charging off

If Dynamic charging is turned off, Ohme will default to a “Charge to full, ready as soon as possible” mode, in line with any other scheduling restrictions set.

For example, with Dynamic charging turned off, and a Price cap enabled, Ohme will schedule to add as much charge as possible during the off-peak hours of the tariff currently selected.

Similarly, if the Regulated charging hours setting is enabled, Ohme will add as much charge as possible outside of the 08:00am-11:00am and 04:00pm-10:00pm windows.

How to edit your current charge session

If you want to edit your charge session once you have plugged in, you can do so via the Charging screen of the Ohme app.

Charging screen with a session in progress

Edit current session

Upon plugin, you can adjust your charge target for this particular session via the Charging page.

Simply tap either the Charge to or Charge to add percentage or Ready by time to edit these settings.

Charging screen unplugged with Charge to set to 80%


Upon plugout, the last changes made to the charging schedule will be saved.

For example, if the charging plan was adjusted from Charge to 30% to Charge to 80% while plugged in, upon plugout, the Ohme app will save the schedule as Charge to 80% for the next session.

How to set a Routine

Information page explaining how Routines work


Routines are schedules you can set for specific times or days throughout the week. These can be set up via the Routines button at the bottom of the Charging screen.

Note: you will need to have Dynamic charging enabled in order to see Routines.

Adding a new routine in the Ohme app

Create a Routine

To set a Routine for the first time, tap the “Create a routine” button at the bottom of the screen.

You will then be able to name the routine, and choose the following information:

  • Which days the routine is active

  • Your charging amount and Ready by time

  • Cabin Preconditioning (the default time is 30 minutes but this can be adjusted)

Once you have entered this information, tap Save in the top right-hand corner to finish.

Routines list showing one routine called Overnight charge

Edit an existing Routine

To edit an existing Routine, simply tap the name of the Routine and adjust as needed. Then, click Save to confirm these changes.

If you need to delete a Routine, tap on the routine you wish to remove, and tap the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Charging screen with Routine enabled called Overnight charge

Your next charge

Once a routine has been enabled, before you plug in, you will see the name of the active Routine on the Charging screen above “Dynamic charging”.

In this example, we can see a Routine called ‘Overnight charge’ has been enabled.

Showing this session only after a change was made after plugin

This session only

Upon plugin, the name of the schedule will be visible on the charging screen.

If you wish to edit the charge target for this particular charging session, simply tap the Charge to/Charge to add or Ready By Time to update this information. The routine name will then update to “This session only” to confirm the changes.

Upon Plugout, the charging schedule will revert to the original rule that has been set in your Routine.

How to Max Charge

If you need to charge now, you can switch to Max Charge in the Ohme app. This temporarily disables Dynamic charging, any Routines, and the Price cap, and charges your car as quickly as possible until the battery is full or you un-plug the charger.

Information explaining how Max Charge works

Step 1

Upon plug in, the charging page will show the current charging plan.

Tap “Max charge”, then “Turn on Max charge” to activate this setting.

The Charging screen with a Max Charge session in progress

Max Charging

You should then see a pink banner at the top of the screen showing “Max charging” followed by the “Time until full” underneath.

If you want to revert back to a Smart charge, tap “Smart charge”, or unplug and plug back in, and Ohme will default back to your original settings.

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