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How can I charge at my off-peak times?

The easiest way to only charge during your off peak times would be to enable your Price cap. This can be done on the ‘Charging’ screen in the Ohme app by tapping ‘Price cap”, and then enabling the setting before tapping ‘Confirm‘. 

Please note, you will need to have set up a tariff in the My Tariff section of the Ohme app, with the correct prices and times, in order for Ohme to schedule the charge at the correct times. Ohme will also need to be online prior to plugin to pick up this setting – you can check this in the top right-hand corner of the Charging page.

If you would like the charger to put in as much charge as possible during these times, you can disable ‘Dynamic charging’ on the Charging page of the Ohme app, or setting the charging amount to 100% with a ‘Ready by’ time for when you want to unplug the charger.

Ohme will then schedule to deliver as much charge as possible within the hours defined by the Price cap. Please note: if Ohme is unable to deliver the requested amount of charge in the hours given, Ohme will adjust the session to deliver the maximum amount possible during the timeframe provided, and Ohme will notify you of these changes via the app.

Finally, if you need to override the Price cap at any time, and begin charging immediately, this can be done by tapping ‘Max Charge’ in the Ohme app once plugged in. This will override any other settings or schedules, and deliver as much charge as possible until the vehicle is full, or the charger is unplugged.

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