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I'm experiencing tripping issues

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What is tripping?

Tripping occurs when the charger is disconnected from the power supply. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common are:

  • The car presents as if there is a minimal residual current to the RCD or RCBO. It is more likely to trip if the RCD/RCBO are sensitive.
  • The car causes an inrush current which trips the MCB or RCBO.
  • The MCB trips out if the electrical load is too high. It is designed to stop overloads and components catching fire.
  • An RCD trips out if it sees some residual electricity. The tripping stops the current from flowing and therefore protects you from being electrocuted.


A Miniature Circuit Breaker.


A Residual Current Device.


A combined Residual Current Breaker with Overload. RCBO is an MCB and RCD together in one device.

Residual Current

A current that flows briefly after voltage is reduced to zero due to the momentum from the charge.

Inrush Current

Momentary current surge when an electrical device is turned on. Also known as input surge current and switch-on surge.

What should I do if I experience tripping issues?

Tripping can occur for your own protection, so always make sure you consult a competent electrician. We recommend contacting your installer who will be able to attend and investigate further.

Do remember, it is advised to test all RCDs every 6 months. This can be done simply by pressing the ‘test’ button, but ask your installer for a demo if you’re unsure.

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