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The Usage screen will show you all of your previous charge sessions. Here, you can see an overview of your charging history by day, month and the last year. “View charge sessions” offers more detailed information for each individual session.

This article explores the various parts that make up the Usage page and how to read them.

Usage page showing the total charge stats for April 2022


  1. The tab at the top allows you to see all sessions in a Daily, Monthly or Yearly view.
  2. Once you have chosen your view, use this bar to select which Day, Month or Year you wish to see sessions.
  3. All sessions in a given period will be shown as a vertical white line with the relevant hours, days or months running along the bottom. Tapping on a specific white line will focus on that session.
  4. This section will show the total cost, energy usage and time spent actively charging for a given time period or selected session.
  5. View a list of all your previous sessions.
View charge sessions page with every session listed as a unique charge with details of energy used and estimated costs

View charge sessions

  1. Sessions are shown as a list and can be expanded to view further details for each charge.
  2. At the top you’ll see the date(s) the session was active with the day and time for the start and end of the session. You’ll also see the estimated total cost based on the tariff information set. When expanded you’ll see the ‘Active charging time’ which shows how long Ohme was charging in total over the course of the session.
  3. In the expanded view, you’ll find the estimated total cost and total energy usage, along with a breakdown of the power sources when charging with solar.
  4. At the bottom of the expanded view you’ll see any savings Ohme has calculated during the session. For Solar sessions this will be the amount of Solar power Ohme added and calculated against your tariff rates.

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