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Ohme Home/Go: How do I know what my charger is doing?

Silver electric vehicle with charging cable plugged in

Your Ohme Home/Go charger has a display screen and indicator lights to tell you lots of information about your charging. Here, we take a closer look at what the icons and light combinations you might notice on your charger mean.

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Ohme Home/Go charger display

Close up Ohme Home/Go charger display screen

Your charger display

  1. Amps scheduled to be delivered upon plug-in. When a charge session has a scheduled delay, the display will show 0A.
  2. Activity and connectivity status.
  3. Internal temperature of the unit.
  4. Total kWh charged and time elapsed in a session.
    QR code to link charger with Ohme app.
  5. Real time kW being delivered to the car.
  6. Mains voltage.
  7. Real time amps being delivered to the car.
Icons from the Ohme Home/Go EV charger display screen

Icons you might see

Part 1
  1. Charging
  2. Checking server for firmware
  3. Attempting to download new firmware
  4. Connected to network but unable to send or receive data
  5. Charging suspended due to vehicle communications error
  6. Connection to network denied
  7. Connected to server
  8. Downloading new firmware
  9. EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) connected, but not ready to charge
  10. Fault
  11. GPS has secured a location fix
  12. Level 1 signal strength
Icons from the Ohme Home/Go EV charger screen

Icons you might see

Part 2

13. Level 2 signal strength
14. Level 3 signal strength
15. Level 4 signal strength
16. Level 5 signal strength
17. New firmware will be installed on device, awaiting reboot
18. No network
19. No SIM
20. Not charging due to schedule
21. PIN number needed
22. PUK code needed
23. Ready to charge
24. Searching for network

Ohme Home/Go indicator lights

The indicator lights on the front of the Ohme Charger can be used to tell you about the charger’s status at a quick glance. The ring of lights comprises three segments: red, green, and yellow. The different combinations of lights that you will see are shown below.

If the indicator lights display an Electrical or EV fault, contact Ohme Customer Care Team via [email protected].

Indicator lights from the Ohme Home/Go ev charger

Indicator light combinations

  1. Waiting, ready to plug into the vehicle.
    (Steady green light)
  2. Plugged into vehicle, waiting to connect to vehicle.
    (Flashing green light)
  3. Connected to vehicle, waiting for vehicle to accept charge.
    (Steady red light)
  4. Waiting for schedule to start charging.
    (Lights flash in sequence)
  5. Charging.
    (Steady red light, flashing green light)
  6. Electrical fault.
    (Flashing yellow light)
  7. EV fault.
    (Lights flash simultaneously)
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