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[legacy] How can I keep my Ohme charger secure?

Person using the ohme home pro ev charger

In the My Charger section of the Ohme app, you’ll find three features that can be enabled to help keep your Ohme charger secure.

Approve each plug-in

This feature enables you to approve charging every time a vehicle is plugged into your charger, so you can control who has access to your charger. Upon plug in, you’ll receive a notification to approve the charging session. Do make sure you have push notifications enabled in the Ohme app in order to use this feature (you can enable these in Settings).

Approve plug in setting in My Charger section of the Ohme app

Step 1

Head to My Charger in the Ohme app and tap the toggle next to ‘Approve each plug-in’ to enable.

Purple pending approval screen from the Ohme app

Step 2

Approve each plug-in will require the ‘Approve plug-in’ button to be tapped on the Dashboard before Ohme will start a new session.

A few moments after plug-in, the charger display will ask you to approve the session in the Ohme app.

Lock charger buttons

This allows you to disable the on-charger controls, preventing any unauthorised changes being made to your charging.

Lock charger buttons setting enabled in the My Charger screen of the Ohme app

Step 1

Head to My Charger in the Ohme app and tap the toggle next to ‘Lock charger buttons’ to enable.

Blue home pro screen locked buttons

Step 2

This feature will prevent any interaction with the charger. Each menu will be replaced with the word ‘Locked’.

When the blue buttons are tapped, you’ll see a message on the charger display to confirm the buttons are locked.

Sleep when inactive

This turns off the on-charger lights shortly after your last interaction with the charger, making it more discreet and reducing any unnecessary power consumption.

When using the charger, the display screen will be at full brightness. After a period of inactivity, the screen will dim. Sleep when inactive turns off the display and indicator lights 30 seconds after inactivity.

Sleep when inactive setting enabled in the my charger screen of the ohme app

Step 1

Head to My Charger in the Ohme app and tap the toggle next to ‘Sleep when inactive’ to enable.

You can wake the charger display temporarily by tapping on any of the three blue buttons on the charger.


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