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How to connect my Ohme charger to the app

Connecting your charger to the app

If you are setting up an Ohme account for the first time, you will be directed to connect your account to an Ohme charger by scanning the QR code or entering the serial number manually. This information can be found on the white sticker located underneath your charger.

Please note: only one account can be linked to an Ohme charger at once. Should you wish for multiple users to access the charger and account, please set up the account using the ‘Sign in with Email’ option. You can then sign into the app on multiple devices using the same email and password credentials.

My Charger has been removed/replaced

If you need to change the charger your account is currently connected to, go to My Charger > Advanced Settings and tap the ‘Change charger’ button.

Finally, if you wish to disconnect your Ohme charger from an account, the easiest way to do so would be to delete the Ohme account. Go to Settings > Delete account > Confirm. This will remove the link between your charger and the account, and delete your charging history from the Ohme app.

If you’ve integrated with a smart tariff, such as Octopus Energy’s Intelligent Octopus Go or OVO Energy’s Anytime, it’s essential to disconnect from this tariff before continuing with an account deletion so that you can re-integrate the tariff with your new Ohme account. To disconnect, refer to your energy supplier’s app or contact their support team directly.

How do I update my Ohme account settings?

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