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What UK grants are available when buying an EV or an EV charger?

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Although most of the grants to promote sales of EVs and EV charging point are no longer available, that doesn’t mean that they’re gone altogether. Here you can find out what grants and offers are available for both EV chargers and EVs themselves.

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Is there a UK Government grant when buying a new electric car, van or motorbike?

We’re afraid not. The old Plug-In Car Grant which contributed towards the purchase of a new EV finished in June 2022.

However, the equivalent Plug-In Van Grant is still going to incentivise businesses to switch their vans to electric. The amount of the PIVG depends on the size of the van, but small vans get a discount of up to £2500, while larger ones up to 4,250kg can get a discount of up to £5000.

The small van PIVG also applies to those vehicles that have been converted as wheelchair-accessible vehicles, again up to a maximum of £2500 although the list price of the vehicle must be less than £35,000.

Electric motorbikes are eligible for a discount of up to £500.

Is there a UK Government grant for an electric car charger at my home?

Yes, there is, but only in certain circumstances. The old Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) that provided grants for home EV chargers for home-owners finished on 31 March 2022.

The OZEV EVHS grant was originally created to incentivise homeowners to install EV charge points at home. The latest changes to the grant are intended to incentivise different groups of drivers to install charge points at their properties.

As of 1st April 2022, homeowners who live in flats or residents in rental properties will be eligible for the £350 grant. They’ll still have to meet the existing criteria, including having off-street parking and an eligible vehicle.

Landlords and housing associations will also be able to claim £350 off the installation of each charger they install at the properties they manage.

To qualify for the OZEV grant, drivers must:

  • Have private off-street parking
  • Live in a rented property or own a flat
  • Own or lease an eligible vehicle
  • Not have previously claimed the existing EVHS grant (or its predecessor, the Domestic Recharge Scheme)

You can find a full list of qualifying criteria here.

How do I apply?

Once you’ve started your installation application, our team will identify whether or not you’re eligible for the grant. If you are, we’ll make the initial application to OZEV on your behalf and let you know via email. You’ll then receive an email from OZEV with a link to complete a survey with a bit more information required to claim the grant. Once your installation is complete, our team will submit details including installation photos and completion documentation provided by your installer to OZEV for review. OZEV will then either approve or reject the payment for the claimed amount.

We’re here to help every step of the way, so if you have any questions about the installation application (or if you’re not quite sure where to start), do just ask.

Is there a UK Government grant for an electric car charger at my work?

Yes, the Workplace Charging Scheme is a voucher-based scheme to help businesses with the costs of installing a chargepoint.

Available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the WCS grant covers up to 75% of the costs of the purchase and installation of EV chargepoints capped to a maximum of £350 per socket and with a maximum of 40 sockets across all sites per applicant.

After completing this online form, successful applicants received a unique identification voucher code by email which can then be given to any OZEV-authorised commercial chargepoint installer. 

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