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[legacy] Ohme ePod: How do I know what my charger is doing?

Person smiling using the Ohme ePod charger

Your Ohme ePod features 3 buttons so that you can control your charging via the charger itself. Unlike the Ohme Home and the Ohme Home Pro, the Ohme ePod doesn’t have a display screen, instead the indicator lights help you to understand what your charger is doing (or planning on doing).

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Ohme ePod charger buttons

Ohme epod ev charger

Play, pause, stop

There are three touch sensitive buttons on the front of the ePod.

Main menu from the Ohme app

Learn more in My Charger

To learn how to use your ePod buttons, tap My Charger from the side menu in the Ohme app.

My charger screen from the ohme app showing epod charger

Tap the question mark

Tap the question mark icon in the top right of the screen to see how to interact with the ePod using the charger buttons.

Charger control information from the ohme app

See how to control your ePod

The functions of each button are listed under ‘Controlling your charger’.

Ohme ePod indicator lights

Ohme epod charger statuses from the ohme app

Head to My Charger

As well as the ePod buttons, My Charger also includes a reference to what the different colours and light sequences mean.

Ohme epod charger statuses from the ohme app

Learn about your ePod statuses

When you’re finished, tap the cross in the top left to return to My Charger.

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