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[legacy] How do I update my Ohme account settings?

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If you need to reset your password or delete your Ohme account, you can do so via the Ohme app.

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How to reset my password in the Ohme app

For iOS users on app version 1.27.2 and Android users on 1.28.0 or newer.

screen from the ohme app

Reset password

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a password reset email. This option is only available for accounts created with email.

Sign in screen from the ohme app

Step 1

To start, enter the email address for your Ohme account and tap ‘Trouble signing in?’ on the Sign in page.

Password reset screen from the ohme app

Step 2

Ensure the email address has been entered correctly and matches the email address associated with your Ohme app account, then tap Send.

Password reset email from Ohme

Step 3

Ohme will send an email with a link to reset your password. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, you may need to check your spam or junk mailbox.

Step 4

Create a new password and tap Save.

Password reset scree from the ohme app

Step 5

Once you can see the password has been changed, return to the Ohme app and try to log in again.

How to delete my Ohme app account

If you need to delete your account (or delink your charger from your account), follow these steps:

Main menu from the Ohme app

Step 1

Tap Settings from the side menu.

Settings screen from the Ohme app

Step 2

Tap Account Details.

Step 3

Tap Delete Account.

Note: this will automatically delink your account from the charger and log you out of the Ohme app.

Step 4

Tap Delete again to confirm.

Login screen from the ohme app

Step 5

Once your account has been deleted, you’ll return to the login page.

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