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Person holding Ohme epod charging cable

Creating a Charge Schedule in the Ohme app allows you to choose how much you want to charge your EV and when you’d like it to be ready. You can customise your schedules to suit your driving needs, keep reading to see how.

Charge schedules screen from the Ohme app

Charge Schedules

  1. Charge Preferences. Here you’ll be able to turn on and off three charging preferences; Save money, Optimise for battery life and Favour green energy.
  2. Avoid Peak Charging. This setting will be off while a schedule is enabled. If there are no active schedules, Ohme will automatically enable this setting. When enabled, Ohme will prevent charging between 8am-11am and 4pm-10pm, when demand on the electricity grid is at its highest. This helps to ease pressure on the electricity grid.
  3. Toggle to enable or disable the schedule.
  4. A schedule. Showing the name, amount to charge, departure time and days of the week the schedule is set for.
  5. Add a new schedule.
Charge preferences screen from the Ohme app

Charge Preferences

With Save money enabled, Ohme will automatically prioritise charging at the cheapest rates for you.

Optimise for battery life charges your EV at the lowest possible rate to still achieve your charge target, and if you plug-in with a really low battery, it will charge your EV up to 20% right away.

Favour green energy will prioritise charging your EV when more energy from renewables is available on the electricity grid.

Charge schedules screen from the Ohme app

Select a schedule to make changes

  1. Tap to delete schedule
  2. Schedule name
  3. Set the amount of charge to be added to your EV’s current state of charge, or set a target state of charge if you’re logged into your car account
  4. Select the days of the week you would like the schedule to run
  5. Set the departure time for when you’re going to unplug
  6. Enable Preconditioning. Ohme will deliver power to your EV for between 5-60 minutes at the end of your charge session. The allows your EV to preheat or cool down as per settings you have enabled in your car or car app, without using any of the energy in your battery to do so.

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