How to get your Ohme charger installed

We’ve made things easy – check out our step-by-step guide and start your electric journey now.

What to expect

Before installation day

Let’s get to know each other

To get started, we simply need your contact details and Eircode to pair you with an Ohme approved installer in your area.

Good to know: All of our chargers come with standard installation included, which is all most customers need. However, some homes have quirks and some people have more ambitious wishes, so we also offer custom installation.

Shop your charger

From there, simply select your charger and any additional extras needed, and then we’ll finalise your quote. As easy as 1-2-3.

If you need custom installation, one of our experts will drop you a note to better understand your requirements and quote for the additional works.

Complete your home survey online

This won’t take too much of your time – we just need to learn a bit more about your home, energy usage and installation. On average, this will take 20 minutes.

Good to know

It’s best to start the home survey on your mobile or tablet device, as you’ll need to take photos of your home and parking area. You’ll also need to take some basic measurements, so have a tape measure ready!

Let’s schedule your installation date

Once you have submitted your home survey, one of our Ohme approved installation partners in your area will review your details and will call you to schedule an installation date. They may also be in touch if they need anything further to help plan your installation.

Installation day

Your Ohme approved installer will arrive with your charger

Don’t forget to clear up the area around the distribution board/electricity supply meter as this is where we’ll be running the cable route. Your installer can also help on the day, but please make sure someone is at home to ensure your new charger is fitted somewhere you’re happy with.

Good to know

Each installation is unique, but on average it should take around 4 hours. Sometimes the set-up can take a little longer (or a little less), but your Ohme approved installer will keep you updated.

Sit back and relax!

Your installer will set everything up, and they’ll talk you through your Ohme charger before they clean up and go.

After installation day

Enjoy the peace of mind of having the charge you need every day

Check out our help centre to get nerdy and further optimise your charging sessions.

You’re in safe hands with our Ohme approved installers

Going the extra mile to guarantee a quality installation. In all safety.
Standard installation

All Ohme chargers come with standard installation included, which most homes qualify for.

Custom installation

Some homes have quirks, so we also offer custom installation to meet your bespoke needs and wishes.

Ohme Home Pro

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Ohme ePod

Featuring a more compact design, ready for your Type 1 or Type 2 cable

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