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[legacy] My car's battery status isn't showing in the Ohme app

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There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to see your car’s battery status in the Ohme app. These could include:

Your car brand isn’t supported

Some car manufacturers provide an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows access to information about your car via your manufacturer’s app. Providing your login details in the Ohme app allows Ohme to see your car’s current state of charge, which is then used to work out how much charge you need. This feature is currently available for a limited number of brands. If your brand isn’t listed, Ohme won’t be able to see your car’s state of charge. API support is currently available for the following brands:

You can still smart charge your car without API support, you’ll just need to set up your charge schedules a little differently. You can find out more about choosing the right schedule for your car here.

You haven’t connected your car app account

If your car brand is supported, you’ll need to choose the ‘Account Sign In’ option when selecting your car in the Ohme app. Head to ‘Manage my EV’ > ‘Switch Car’ > ‘Account Sign in’ then enter the login details for your car app.

Ohme wasn’t able to retrieve the battery status due to a connectivity issue

From time to time, Ohme may be unable to retrieve your car’s battery status due to a connectivity issue. Poor connectivity can result in your car, car app, and Ohme all displaying different data. To resolve this, first check that your phone or tablet has a good internet connection. Then, check that the data in your car app is up to date and if not, try refreshing your car app. Once your car app is showing the correct data, refresh the Ohme app again.

Your car app password has changed and not updated in the Ohme app

If you change the password to your car app, you’ll need to update this in the Ohme app so that Ohme can continue to retrieve information about your car. Head to ‘Manage my EV’ > ‘Switch Car’ > ‘Account Sign in’ then enter the email address and new password for your car app.

The API is down due to an issue on Ohme’s or the car manufacturer’s side

We’re always working to offer the latest in technology to our customers. API support is an Ohme Labs feature which we’re continuously improving. rom time to time, it may not work as intended.

API support is currently an Ohme Labs feature. Ohme Labs is our exclusive community for features that are in the advanced stages of testing, so there may be a few hiccups along the way and the feature may not always work as intended. Please note, certain functionality may also be limited based on manufacturer-specific API restrictions or limitations.

If you notice that your battery status isn’t correctly displayed in the Ohme app but it is correctly displayed in your car app, it’s likely an issue down at Ohme Labs. If your battery status isn’t correctly displayed in the Ohme app or your car app, it’s likely an issue on your car manufacturer’s side.

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