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[legacy] How do I change my EV in the Ohme app?

Person holding the ohme app with manage my ev on the screen

To ensure your charge session is accurately calculated, it’s important to select the correct car before you plug in. Below is a short step-by-step for how to switch cars in the Ohme app. If you’re you connecting your car account, there will be a few extra steps to complete.

Ohme app main menu

Step 1

Open the Ohme app and tap Manage my EV to get started.

Ohme app Manage my EV screen

Step 2

Tap Switch Car

Car brands listed in the Ohme app

Step 3

Select your car brand from the list

Car models listed in the Ohme app

Step 4

Select your car model

Manage my EV screen of the Ohme app with Citreon e-C4

Step 5

Once you’ve finished, you’ll return to the Manage My EV page and see the car profile has updated

Blue smart charging dashboard of the Ohme app

Set up complete

Once you’re plugged in, you’ll see the selected car showing beneath the graph on the Dashboard page

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