Why charge with Ohme
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Why smart charge with Ohme?

The Ohme Home Pro EV charger and our smart mobile app find the best real-time prices for you, making your EV ultra-sustainable and cost efficient to charge.

How can I benefit from smart charging with Ohme?

Our chargers communicate with your car, our servers, and the National Grid. Ohme can stop and start to align with periods of low demand on the grid, when prices are generally cheaper.

Save money: If you have a time-of-use tariff or a variable tariff, you’ll pay less for your electricity at certain times of the day. Ohme uses your tariff information to charge as much as possible when the price is low to maximise your savings.

Greener: The Ohme server communicates with the grid which allows you to charge when carbon intensity is at its lowest. Smart, eh?

Remote management: Use the Ohme app to start, stop or schedule charges, and even set a price cap.

Grid balancing: Ohme adjusts energy intake according to peaks and lows in demand. Smart EV charging in periods of low demand helps balance the grid and save you money, as energy suppliers generally offer cheaper electricity during off-peak hours.

Our new Ohme Home Pro is easy to install and allows you to control your EV charging via the interactive LCD screen or our trusted app.
Tariff integration

Save over €1000/year compared to standard charger and tariff.

Smart control

Set your preferences and remote manage your EV charging.

3 year warranty

Fully covered so you don’t need to worry.

Over-the-air updates

Keep up to date with automatic software feature updates.

Dynamic load balancing

Prevent overloading your electrical supply.


Stylish and discreet

17cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 10cm (D). Perfect if you want your charger to be inconspicuous.

7.4 kW

Safe, fast and smart EV charging.

Government grants

Depending on your location, you could save money on your installation.

Value for money

The smartest tech around for the best price.

In-built PEN fault device

Save time and cost on your installation.

We're compliant with the New Smart Charger Regulations.

Download a copy of our Statement of Compliance here.
Find our Technical File here.

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We're proud to be customer obsessed

Auto Express readers voted Ohme #1 for Customer Service for Home EV Chargers.


Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying

Ohme have been awesome. Kept informed at every stage. I would recommend anyone to use this company if they have the chance.

– Gavin O

If there were any difficulties in understanding anything, the team where extremely willing to help and guide you through. I can highly recommend Ohme.

– William P

Brilliant communication, brilliant service, excellent service all round.

– Mike W

A very professional and thorough installation (which the neighbours have commented on). No hesitation in recommending this company to everyone.

– Mitchell S

From first contact with Ohme, I was impressed. The kindness, understanding and helpful advice I received from every staff member I spoke made me feel I was being wrapped around in a warm blanket.

– Mrs S

Ohme have been awesome. Kept informed at every stage. I would recommend anyone to use this company if they have chance.

– Gavin O

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