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Octopus and Ohme offer a one-stop shop for future EV drivers

Octopus and Ohme offer a one-stop shop for future EV drivers

June 2022

Octopus Electric Vehicles and award-winning smart charger provider Ohme are partnering once again to offer a simple and hassle-free, one-stop shop for future EV drivers.

The new EV package from Octopus launched today (6 July) enables drivers to easily and conveniently switch to an EV with a single bundled package offering a new car, Ohme Home Pro smart charger, EV energy tariff for your home and 5000 miles of free charging.

“Demand for electric cars is soaring, driven by low running costs and convenient charging at home and work and we’ve seen that drivers are looking for experts that can offer the full EV package to guide them through their journey,” said Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles. “With more EV models entering the market every month, and innovative tariffs like Intelligent Octopus making charging your car as easy as your phone, we only expect the transition to accelerate.”

Included in the package, drivers will be able to take advantage of six hours of cheap electricity rates every day on the Intelligent Octopus tariff to charge their cars. As Octopus Electric Vehicle’s only approved charger supplier, Ohme’s smart chargers can automatically adjust a car’s charging times according to your tariff, without needing to be pre-set for certain hours.

“This exciting new bundle makes it easy for motorists to make the switch to electric in a way that’s simple and hassle-free,” said Ohme CEO David Watson. “It enables drivers to not only charge their EVs in the most cost efficient way using off-peak tariffs and smart charging, but the 5000 miles of free charging means that they can effectively drive from London to Miami for nothing!”

With petrol and diesel prices now 27 per cent higher since the start of the year, the 5000 miles of free charging means that a typical UK driver could spend less than £35 in running costs for an EV using smart charging for their entire first year*.

Ohme also offers drivers the option to charge their car when renewable energy generation on the National Grid is at its highest, further lowering their CO2 impact.

Ohme is the official charger provider for customers on the Motability scheme the largest UK fleet operator in the UK, and has been named as the Best Electric Charging Point Provider by Business Motoring and voted number one for customer service in Auto Express magazine’s 2022 Driver Power survey.

*Average UK mileage is 6800mls. Calculated at 4mls/kWh EV efficiency and 7.5p/kWh on Intelligent Octopus tariff


For more information please contact:

Nat Barnes, Head of PR, Ohme – +44 7917 829088 – [email protected]

About Ohme

Ohme was founded in 2017 and is the UK’s leading smart charging platform provider.

At the forefront of EV charging, Ohme offers a smart charging system solution for consumers, business and fleets that enables consumers to charge at off-peak times and reduce their charging costs and environmental impact. Ohme has been named by outside investors as a ‘gigacorn’ – a company that has the potential to get rid of one gigatonne of CO2 from the atmosphere per year.

Ohme is the official charger provider for Motability Operations as well as for housing developers Harron Homes and Hollins Homes. Ohme has just passed the rigorous industry standard certifications for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for monitoring quality processes and information security.