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23 October 2023

New Citroen e-C3 will be under £23,000

If you want a small and affordable EV with a decent battery and a decent range, then Citroen has got just the car for you.

It’s the new e-C3 that boasts a 44kWh battery and a 199 mile range along with some fantastic looks for when it goes on sale next year. Better yet, it will have ride and handling set up for comfort, so in true Citroen style it’ll be a comfy place to be along with 100kW rapid charging capability That means it’ll be capable of getting from 20% to 80% charge in just 26 minutes.

However, we’ve left the best until last, as Citroen has promised that it will have a price tag starting from less than £23,000, making e-mobility even more accessible for more drivers.

Used EV prices stabilise according to Auto Trader

Auto Trader’s latest Retail Price Index has shown that used prices for electric vehicles have recovered with a small growth in October.

The reason is due to the combination of increasing consumer demand for more eco-friendly vehicles and more competitive pricing as well as reduced numbers of second-hand EVs entering the market.

“The continue realignment in used electric pricing is the real stand out so far in October with another month of improvement after a year in decline,” said Richard Walker, data and insight director at Auto Trader. “For the moment we’re seeing the stars align for second-hand EVs; greater affordability and rising prices at the pumps is helping to make them a more viable alternative to their ICE counterparts which are still increasing in value.”

Jaguar Land Rover’s new £250m Future Energy Lab

Jaguar Land Rover has just opened its new Future Energy Lab for EVs at its engineering centre in Whitley, Coventry.

The £250m electric vehicle test facility will develop electric drive units for the firm’s next generation of Jaguar and Land Rover electric models, creating 350 jobs. The facility enables testing of EVs, electric drive units and manufacturing of test cells and includes a series of climate chambers capable of minus 40 and plus 55 degrees.

Oliver Boakes, Chief Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover said: “Our operations at Whitley are at the heart of JLR, itself a leading business in the local community – so this test facility is another jewel in the crown of our move towards an all-electric future. This is a notable investment for the business and local economy.”