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United Kingdom


Ohme is new smart EV charger partner for Avant Homes

Avant Homes has chosen Ohme as its official EV home charging partner.

The agreement will see Avant Homes offer Ohme ePod chargers on a range of its new homes, aligning with its commitment to providing energy-efficient housing and implementation of the Future Homes Standard.

Avant Homes Group head of business processes, Rachel Appleby, said: “At Avant, we are proud to be constructing and selling quality homes for everyone, and we understand the importance of sustainability for our business, our customers, and the environment.

“We have partnered with Ohme as its commitment to providing low cost, low C02 charging made it the ideal choice for us and our buyers.”

Avant is aiming to reduce the carbon emissions of its new homes by 75-80% from 2025 compared to homes under the current building regulations from 2019.

“This new agreement with Avant Homes underlines Ohme’s commitment to the built environment marketplace,” said David Watson, CEO at Ohme. “This partnership between Avant Homes and Ohme is a great collaboration and an important step towards a low-carbon future.”