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United Kingdom


Demand Flexibility Service

What is it and how do I take part?

What’s Demand Flexibility Service? 

The National Grid Energy System Operator (ESO) has launched a new Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) for this winter, which encourages consumers to use less electricity when lots of households and businesses are using electricity at the same time. This means that we can prevent expensive and polluting fossil fuel generators from being fired up to keep up with demand. 

DFS was launched to accelerate the transition to a smart, flexible power system. You can find out more about energy flexibility here. 

How does it work this year?   

There will be around 12 events between November ’23 – March ’24. An ‘event’ is a specific time in which you’ll be asked to reduce your energy consumption when demand for electricity is highest. If you successfully reduce your energy consumption when needed, you’ll be rewarded for helping to balance the grid. 

How can I take part? 

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