The Ohme Home Pro, your EV’s new best friend.

Auto Express readers voted Ohme #1 for Customer Service for Home EV Chargers.

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Want to be part of the electric revolution?

Ohme offers you a home charging solution that protects your car, your purse, and our planet.

  • Our intelligent tech integrates with your energy tariff so you can charge at the cheapest times.
  • Use Ohme to take control of your charging and feel confident that your car will be ready to go when you are.
  • We’re here for you when you need us to get the most out of your charging experience.

Ohme Home Pro

The latest addition to the Ohme family, the Home Pro charger takes home charging to a whole new level.

  • Our brand new LCD screen is the first of its kind, and allows you to control your charging from the charger itself.
  • Keep control of your costs with our max price cap setting and track your CO2 consumption with our 'Green Score' feature.
  • A new, stylish design you can be proud to have on your home.

You could save over £1000 per year charging with Ohme*

It might surprise you just how much you can save charging with Ohme. Our app allows you to integrate your energy tariff and, with the use of our smart scheduling tools, you can really take advantage of lowest cost charging.

“I just jump in the car in the morning safe in the knowledge that my car has fully charged overnight, for the best price. The Ohme tech makes it very cheap to run.”

- Neil K

*Based on annual mileage of 12,000 miles charging with a standard tariff at 30p/kWh vs time-of-use tariff at 7.5p/kWh