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United Kingdom

It’s time to charge clever

Unlock smarter, greener, and cheaper EV charging at home. All at once.

Why charge your electric car with Ohme?

Beyond smart – get more from your electric car with our clever, easy-to-use, and future-proof charging technology.

Unique technology

Our best-in-class, dynamic chargers use live data to automatically provide you with the greenest and cheapest energy. It’s simple: your car will always be charged for whenever you need it to be ready.

All-in-one package

We take care of everything, so that you don’t have to. Including your installation – whether it is standard or custom, we guarantee a safe, high-quality setup by one of our Ohme approved installation partners.

Seamless service

We’re customer-obsessed and believe that the switch to electric should be easy. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, helping you get the most out of your charging experience.

Save more than £400 a year with our chargers

Ohme’s unique tech integrates with all energy tariffs, including EV tariffs like Intelligent Octopus Go and OVO Charge Anytime, so that you can charge at the cheapest and greenest times available. Unlock greater savings with your Ohme charger compared to a standard charger and tariff. This is real smart charging.

Meet our chargers

Charging at home made a breeze. As it should be.
  • Integrate with any energy supplier or tariff
  • Unrivalled dynamic technology to charge
  • Compact design to fit within your home setup
  • New smart charger regulations compliant


Just a few of our most recent accolades

Business Motoring Awards

Best Electric Charging Point Provider 2023

UK Green Business Awards 2023

Fast Track Company of the Year

Build Back Better

Gold Award

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Get started with Ohme

Pick your charger and answer a few simple questions about your installation needs.

New to EVs?

Here’s what every new EV driver needs to know about charging at home.

Next generation of power

We never stand still. Our technology is hardworking and smart, but we always look to the future to offer new innovations to our customers. Here’s some of the things we’re working on.

Ready for all EV tariffs

Say hello to complete peace of mind – your Ohme charger integrates with all energy tariffs, including new EV type of use as well as off peak tariffs.

Solar charging

Now available. We’ve been busy developing new solar charging technology so that you can use your Ohme Home Pro charger to fill up your car with excess solar generation.

Charge cable plugged into a turquoise car

Grid connectivity

Our chargers connect to the grid and your car, enabling you to access the cheapest and greenest energy when demand is low. Be part of balancing the grid today and for the future.