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5 things you should know about your EV charger installation

Person using the Ohme Home Pro ev charger

Choosing an EV charger and finding the right person to install it can seem daunting. Don’t worry, Ohme have you covered. We’ll hook you up with one of our approved install partners and get you charging in just a few simple steps.

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How much does installation cost?

We have a nationwide network of Ohme approved installers who know our products well. Prices vary from installer to installer, so completing our quick online home survey helps us gather all of the information they need to finalise your cost.

How long does installation take?

An EV charger installation typically takes around 4 hours. Some installations take a little longer (or a little less), but we’ll keep you informed about the complexity of the job so that there are no surprises on the day. You can find out more about what to expect during your installation here.

What’s the lead time?

The lead time can vary for a number of reasons, including engineer availability in your area and the complexity of the installation. The best way to get an installation date as quickly as possible is to complete our online home survey as promptly as you can, so that we can start planning your installation and get you booked in. Find out more about why your installation might be delayed here.

What’s included?

This price will include the charger itself, the installation (that means labour, materials, and maybe miles driven to reach you), as well as the SEAI grant. You can find out more about SEAI and whether you’re eligible for up to €300 off your charger and installation here.

What do I need to do before I get my installation date?

Before we can provide a date for your installation, we need to know some information about your home, your energy usage, and your installation requirements. The information is used to safely plan your installation and finalise the cost. Once all of the relevant information has been provided, we’ll review your application and we may ask for additional information if this is needed to help plan your installation. Once we’re satisfied that we have everything we need for your installation to go ahead, your application will be shared with one of our installation partners who will contact you to confirm a convenient date for the installation. You can find out more about how to complete your online home survey here.

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