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Why might my installation booking be delayed?

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If you’re thinking about getting an EV charger installed, it’s a good idea to complete our online home survey as soon as possible, so that we can do our best to ensure your charger is installed and ready to use before your car gets delivered.

Sometimes, an EV charger can’t be installed right away. This might happen if you need to have your electricity supply upgraded or have any additional work in preparation for the charger. Completing your home survey helps our install partners plan next steps and reduce any unnecessary delays. Here are some common reasons your installation booking might be delayed.

You need to secure permissions

If you live in a rental property, you’ll need permission from your landlord to install an EV charger. This will need to be secured before any works can commence.

If the parking spot falls within the property boundary (for example, a driveway), and you have been given verbal or written permission from the landowner, you can self-certify. This means you can tell us they have given you verbal permission, or you can forward us their written permission via email.

If the parking spot is outside of the property boundary (for example, a designated spot in a shared carpark), or will require crossing any communal areas, you’ll need to get the landowner’s written permission to proceed. We can help you with this by providing supporting documentation such as the charger specifications and our install partner’s insurance details.

You have a looped supply

Often in terraced or semi-detached houses, two or more properties will share the same electricity service cable. This is what we call a ‘looped supply’. In some cases, such as getting an Ohme charger installed, your property may need to draw more power (don’t worry, this is perfectly safe). If your house is part of a looped supply, our installation partner will notify your DNO (they’re the people who manage the grid), who will assess whether your electricity supply is adequate. They’ll check what needs to happen, if anything, to ensure your supply is sufficient for the installation.

Your DNO needs to approve the job

If you have a looped supply, your installation will be put on pause. To get your installation on track, your DNO’s approval is required. They will need to complete a supply assessment to confirm whether any work needs to be done before installation.

  1. Your installation will be approved by the DNO, with the loop in place. If this is the case, an installer will carry out your installation as arranged.
  2. You may be requested to remove the looped supply in order for the installation to be approved. You’ll be responsible for arranging this and any cost involved. Once complete, an installer will be able to carry out the installation.
  3. Your main fuse will need to be upgraded in order for the DNO to approve the installation.

You need a fuse upgrade

Our installation partner will submit a notification to the DNO to begin the process. Typically, a fuse upgrade is free of charge but you may need to cover some costs depending on any additional materials or rating required. In this instance, an installer will be able to install your charger once the upgrade has been completed.

Your DNO may wish to visit your property to assess it in person, and will likely contact you directly if they are planning to do so. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on any progress moving forward.

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