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What grants are available in Ireland for a new EV charger?

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Although most of the grants to promote sales of EVs and EV charging point are no longer available, that doesn’t mean that they’re gone altogether. Here you can find out what grants and offers are available for both EV chargers and EVs themselves.

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Is there a Government grant in Ireland for an electric car charger at my house?

The Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant is a support scheme from the Irish Government to help residents and homeowners to install an EV car charger at their home. The grant is for €300 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger and is open to any home-owner whether they own an EV or not.

The scheme only applies to supported smart chargers that are registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), which all of Ohme’s chargers are. However, to receive the grant you must use a Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor and your home cannot be associated with a previous grant payment.

To be eligible, you must have off-street parking and the charger must be connected back to your home. You’ll need your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) which can be found on your electricity bill and that will confirm the location of your home.

After your application is approved, you will be emailed a Letter of Offer and also an Installation Details form that will need to be filled in by your electrician. You have six months after you receive your Letter of Offer to complete the installation.

Once your charger is installed, you need to fill out a Payment Request Form with certificates from your electrician along with receipts and photographs of the installation and the scheme payment then takes around six to eight weeks.

Is there a Government grant in Ireland for an electric car charger at my apartment?

The Irish Government also has an Electric Vehicle Apartment Charger Grant. This grant is for those who live in apartments or multi-unit developments who want to install an EV charger.

This particular grant is open to property management companies, housing bodies, local authorities as well as commercial and private landlords. Meant for the bulk installation of chargers at a single location, it supports cabling and infrastructure as well as construction costs including labour.

The SEAI provides up to 80% of funding for infrastructure costs along with €300 per charge point installed if there is no existing EV charging system or network already in your car park.