Man pressing a button on the Ohme Home Pro

Meet the Ohme Home Pro

Featuring a colour screen and tethered Type 2 cable
Save up to €300 with the SEAI grant

The complete home
EV charging package:

Standard installation included

Smart charging technology

SEAI grant approved

Compatible with all energy tariffs

Solar charging compatible (Ohme Home Pro only)

Award-winning customer support

Person looking at the smart charging screen on a mobile device

Smart app,
smart charging

Start, stop & schedule charging

Power your car for less by setting up a schedule in the Ohme app, based on your energy tariff and time preferences.

Easy energy tariff integration

Connect to your electricity tariff and let Ohme automatically schedule your EV to charge during off-peak hours.

Monitor energy usage

Keep an eye on your car charging costs and every kWh used to better understand your energy usage at home.

Solar charging

Activate our Solar Boost feature in the app and use solar energy excess to charge your car with green energy. Ohme Home Pro only.

Front view of an ePod with a light background

Need something more compact?

Check out our untethered charger. Designed to blend perfectly into your home setup.

Ohme ePod, save up to €300 with the SEAI grant

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