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I can't unplug my charger

Silver electric vehicle with charging cable plugged in

Your EV makes sure your charging cable is safely disconnected by locking it inside the charge port when charging is taking place.

The charging port lock must be released before you can un-plug your charger. If you’re unable to remove the charging cable, it’s possible your EV did not end the charging session (or hasn’t recognised that the session has ended). In this instance, you’ll need to end the charging session from the vehicle itself before removing the charging cable. Check the vehicle user guide to find out how this is done for your particular make and model.

Although each vehicle has different requirements for stopping the charging session, the charge port unlock button is usually found in the centre console, near the driver’s door or on the key fob.

If you’re really stuck, most vehicles have an emergency release cable you can pull, so do check the car manual to help you locate this.

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