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How to check and reset the RCBO

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The RCBO (Residual current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection) is a crucial safety device in any electrical circuit, protecting against earth faults, overloads, and short circuits. If the RCBO has tripped, this guide will walk you through the steps to safely reset it and restore power to the charger.

Checking the RCBO

Power is OFF

When the trip switch is fully down the power is OFF

Power is ON

When the trip switch is fully up the power is ON.


When the trip switch is floppy and won’t stay in the up position the RCBO has tripped and will require a reset.

Resetting the RCBO

Step 1

To reset the RCBO, press the switch down using both parts of the switch

Step 2

Firmly press the switch down until you hear a ‘click’. This confirms the switch has been reset

Step 3

Push both parts of the switch up into the ‘ON’ position. The switch should stay in place and power will be restored to the charger.

Note: If the RCBO does not stay in the ‘ON’ position, this could indicate a wiring issue or a fault with the RCBO itself. In such cases, a qualified electrician should be contacted.

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