Hello, we’re Ohme

We’re on a mission to speed up the global transition to clean energy by providing affordable and easy-to-use smart charging technology for drivers around the world.

Paving the way towards an electric future – one charge at a time

Here at Ohme, we’re focused on engineering smart home chargers that give drivers the power to get the most from their electric vehicle, while saving them money and helping the planet.

Our unique tech enables drivers to charge at the cheapest and greenest times available. We’re taking smart charging to the next level.

 Our vision may sound ambitious, but this is where Ohme’s potential lies – in creating charging solutions that ease the transition to electric across the globe. And we’re just getting started.

Meet David, our CEO & Founder

Prior to co-founding Ohme, David Watson co-founded Temporis Capital. David saw an opportunity to adjust demand to meet supply using electric vehicles and created Ohme with the aim of making it the world’s most trusted smart charging platform.

David owned a Tesla and came up with the idea of controlling charging with a smart cable, giving customers better and more visible control. The first working prototype for the Ohme home charger was produced in 2018 with the final production version ready in 2019.

Meet Derry, our founder

Derry Guy is a co-founder and Chairman of Ohme. He is also CEO of the Temporis Group, the original source company of Ohme.

The Temporis Group is a specialist investment company generating a positive and measurable impact on reducing the effects of climate change in alignment with the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. He co-founded Temporis to help accelerate the transition to green energy and further engage in that passion before co-founding Ohme alongside David Watson.

Previously, Derry spent 30 years as a merchant banker, structured financier and founder of alternative asset management businesses.

The values that define us

Do good

We care about people and the environment.

Customer obsessed

The customer is at the heart of everything we do.


We believe our success is built on strong relationship.


We innovate, disrupt and are always learning.


We try new things and lead though possibility.

Hear from our people

We believe that the greatest impact comes when working as one team. Meet some of our people who are driving our mission to speed up the global transition to clean energy.

Pre Sales Engineer

Roberto Fauda Pichet

“Right from day one, I found a supportive team eager to help me grow. What initially drew me in was the company’s ambitious vision for domestic EV charging. After experiencing our dynamic office environment, it’s clear that Ohme represents the future of EV charging, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Chief of staff

Kelly Tan

“Ohme is on a journey of incredible growth as it offers genuine benefits to customers and industry. We are on a mission to make a positive difference and we endeavour to do this with dignity and hard-work.”

Head of New Business Development

Bradley White

“Whilst getting to work on a world class product the best thing about Ohme is definitely the people. The culture is one of collaboration and ambition. The leadership give you real autonomy to make a difference whilst there is always a team to support you. Our products are making a real impact to people’s lives and its amazing to be a part of it.

Join one of the most innovative, fast-growing EV charging company in Australia

Ohme finds its roots in people – we’re building a team of inspiring individuals passionate about breaking new ground to create a greener future.

If shaking things up in one of the most important tech industries and reducing the impact on the planet is your thing, get ready to fit right in.