We’re trusted by some of the biggest businesses with providing smart and easy-to-use home chargers to their customers. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, energy supplier, or a housing developer – we have the right EV charging offer for you.

Why partner with Ohme?

Beyond smart – get more from your electric car with our clever, easy-to-use, and future-proof charging technology.

Unique technology

Our chargers give drivers more control to get the most from their electric car and enable them to charge at the cheapest times available. It’s simple: their car will always be charged for whenever they need it to be ready.

All-in-one package

We take care of everything, so that you don’t have to. Including the installation process – whether it is standard or custom, we guarantee your customers a safe, high-quality setup by one of our Ohme approved partners.

Exceptional service

We’re customer-obsessed and believe that the switch to electric should be easy. Our experts are here to guide your customers every step of the way, helping them get the most out of their charging experience.

We’ve done this before


Car manufacturer partners


Automotive retailer partners


Leasing companies and brokers

Official charging partner of Audi UK

Tailored electric vehicle charging offer
We partnered with Audi in the UK and Ireland to provide their customers with a promotional rate on the Home Pro and ePod chargers. Our technology has been seamlessly integrated to Audi’s electric vehicle range of new and used cars.

Training & activation
From display charger units for retailers to staff training and a dedicated partner portal, we helped Audi’s customers at every stage. By integrating to the best electricity tariffs, Ohme could reduce the running cost for Audi’s customers.

Fully supported service
We worked with Audi to train retailers and staff, so that they were fully informed about Ohme’s chargers and the partnership. Our turnkey and modular solution made it easy for us to support Audi, meeting their specific needs and sales model.

Working alongside
Octopus Energy

Your smarter EV charging partner
Octopus Energy is one of the largest energy providers in the UK with a popular range of off-peak tariffs for electric vehicle drivers. Octopus chose Ohme as its approved charger provider to give drivers easy access to affordable charging at home.

Easy energy tariff integration
Octopus Energy’s off-peak tariffs offer the choice of fixed or flexible hours for drivers. The ability of Ohme’s chargers to integrate with any energy tariff, enabling electric vehicle owners to automatically save money whichever car and tariff they have.

Balancing supply and demand
The flexibility of Ohme’s software and technology enables Octopus Energy and other electricity suppliers to shift charging away from peak hours. Ohme chargers can provide the smartest and best value charging times to suit both customers and providers.

Teaming up with 
Harron Homes

Future-proofing homeowners
Ohme is the charging partner for numerous housing developers in the UK including Harron Homes. This partnership sees Harron Homes fitting the Ohme ePod to all its new properties, giving home-owners the immediate convenience of a charger.

Regulations compliant
Our unique charging technology is fully compliant with the latest regulations and new Government legislation. We worked together with Harron Homes to help them future-proof their developments for their customers.

End to end consultation
From guidance on installation and hardware placement to electrical requirements, Ohme’s experts were able to provide a bespoke charging strategy for Harron Homes. This delivered the best charging solution for their properties.

Best-in-class chargers 
you can rely on

Safe and quick installation

Charge faster than with a standard plug

Exceptional customer support

Easy to setup for reliable charging at the cheapest times

Solar charging (model dependant)

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certified

Partner with Ohme

Partnering with Ohme makes switching to an electric vehicle a breeze – for both you and your customers. Simply connect to one of our experts to discuss your requirements and how our unique technology could be integrated to your electric vehicle offering.

We have the expertise to deliver your ambitions at scale.