Getting started

Why are we running Rewards Sessions?
There’s plenty of green energy being generated every day. However, there are certain times of day when lots of households want to use electricity at the same time, and this means the electricity grid needs to rely on fossil fuels to keep up with demand. EVs spend a lot of their time parked on driveways unplugged from their chargers. If EV drivers could plug in and charge at times when lots of green energy is being generated, and stop charging during certain busier times, we could start to rely less on fossil fuels. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions and charging costs, and drivers could even be paid for taking part.

How do I sign up?
You should have received an email with this link to our sign-up survey. Once complete, we’ll review your answers and send you an email to confirm you’re all set.

Am I eligible to take part?
Any Ohme and Motability customer on a fixed or standard variable tariff will be able to take part in this trial. If you’re on a Time of Use or smart EV tariff with cheaper off-peak rates, you won’t be suitable for this trial. If you move house, switch tariff or hand back your EV during the trial, you’ll no longer be able to earn rewards.

Taking part in Rewards Sessions

How will I know when a Rewards Session is taking place?
You’ll receive an email notification 24 hours before the event is scheduled to take place. This email will confirm what time the session will take place and the reward that you can earn if you successfully take part. It’ll also include a button for you to press to confirm you’ll be taking part in the session.

How do I join in with a Rewards Session?
If you want to opt into a Rewards Session, you’ll need to hit the opt-in button in the email we send you. Then, simply plug your car in before the session is scheduled to start, and we’ll take care of the rest. During the session, you should try to avoid unplugging your car, editing the charge session, or switching to max charge. If your plans change and you do need to unplug or max charge, you won’t receive your reward.

What time of day will the Rewards Sessions take place?
Our focus during this trial is reducing charging during the times the electricity grid is most under stress and increasing charging when there is an abundance of renewable energy on the grid. We’ll be asking you to plug your car in by 1pm and leave it plugged in until 6 pm so that we can charge your car if green energy is available.

Do I have to join every Rewards Session?
No, you can take part in as many or as few rewards sessions as you like. If a particular rewards session isn’t convenient for you, you can skip the session and join the next one that works for you.

How will I be notified about Rewards Sessions?

  1. You’ll receive an email the day before the session is scheduled to start.
  2. You’ll receive a reminder email an hour before the session begins.
  3. 24 – 48 hours after the session, you’ll receive your results.

How many Rewards Sessions will there be?
During this trial we will run up to 12 rewards sessions over a 3-month period.

What happens if my plans change?
You’ll still be able to unplug your car or switch to max charge as you normally would during a charge session. However, if you need to unplug your car or switch to max charge before the session end time, you won’t receive your reward.

Will it cost me extra to charge my car?
You’re on a flat rate tariff, which means you pay the same price for your electricity throughout the day and night, so you won’t experience any impact to the cost of charging your EV.

Will my car be charged as much as I requested?
We’ll take your charging preferences in the Ohme app into consideration, so you can expect to reach your requested charge target by your departure time. If you have a schedule set with a departure time for the following morning, you might not achieve your target if you unplug at 6pm. To achieve your target, you may need to keep your EV plugged in for an overnight charge.

What will happen when I plug in?
What happens as soon as you plug in will depend on the Rewards Session. We might begin to charge your EV as soon as you plug in and then stop charging towards the end of the session, or you might notice that we continue to charge your car throughout the whole session. Once you’ve plugged in, you’ll be able to see the planned charge session on the dashboard in the Ohme App, just like any other charge session.

Rewards Session Results

How do you work out if I have been successful?
After each reward session, we will look at your charge session data to check if you plugged your car in before the start of the session. If you stayed plugged in for the duration of the session without unplugging or switching to max charge, you’ll receive your reward.

When will I get my reward?
24 – 48 hours after the session, we’ll email you to confirm whether you were successful. At the end of the trial, we’ll add up all of the rewards you received and send you an Amazon voucher of the same value.

Help & Support

Who do I contact if I need help?
If you need a hand with your charger, or you’re worried something isn’t quite right, our team are here to help. Send us a message via [email protected] or call 020 3375 1586.