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Ohme is EV smart charging choice for Octopus Spain

Octopus Energy has chosen dynamic EV charging company Ohme as its smart EV charger provider in Spain.

With its smart charging technology and dynamic tariff integration, Ohme is already the largest smart EV home-charging company in the UK and its Home Pro is newly available to EV drivers in Spain.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Ohme in Spain,” said Roberto Giner, CEO Octopus Energy Spain. “While Ohme is a new arrival in Spain, it certainly isn’t new to Octopus Energy and its technology made it an obvious partner for us to help bring smart charging technology to Spanish EV drivers.”

Octopus Energy boasts more than three million customers in Spain and is the largest investor in solar panels in Europe. Thanks to Ohme’s unique software and flexibility with dynamic charging energy tariffs, Octopus Energy already has a strong existing partnership with Ohme in the UK where it is one of the largest energy providers.

“Octopus is one of the most exciting energy providers in Spain and with our long-standing collaborations with them in the UK, this is a natural partnership,” said David Watson, Ohme CEO. “With Ohme’s built-in smart technology and the affordable tariffs of Octopus, we can collaborate to bring low cost and low CO2 flexible charging capability to EV drivers in Spain at a highly competitive price.”

Ohme’s dynamic smart charging technology can connect with the national grid in real time and automatically adjust its charging for drivers to take advantage of all the times of low price charging with off-peak tariffs.

Charging an Opel Mokka with a 54kWh battery on a full charge with an Ohme Home Pro dynamic smart charger on an off-peak tariff such as Octopus Go, could cost just €2.81*.

Ohme is the official charger provider for the Volkswagen Group and Polestar in both the UK and Ireland as well as Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai in the UK and Volvo Cars in Ireland. Ohme has also been named as Fast Track Company of the Year in the 2023 UK Green Business Awards and Best Chargepoint Manufacturer in the Irish EV Awards.

* Octopus Go at 0.052c/kWh

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