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[legacy] Why should I download the Ohme app?

Person holding the ohme app with manage my ev on the screen

Downloading the Ohme app is an important part of setting up your charger. Head over to the App Store/Playstore on your smartphone or tablet, and search for ‘Ohme’. 

Android customers will need version 6.0 or later. iOS customers will need version 14.0 or later but, to benefit from all the latest features and improvements, make sure you’re on the most recent app version available.

You can download the Ohme app on as many devices as you like, you’ll just need to make sure you use the same login details to access your account.

Tip: If you want to log in on multiple devices, make sure you create your account by choosing the ‘create account with email’ option.

What’s in it for me?

Smart Features

Once you’ve downloaded the Ohme app, you’ll have full access to all of Ohme’s smart features. You can create charge schedules, limit your charging to a certain price, and keep track of your energy costs & consumption.

How do Charge Schedules work?

The Charge Schedules are your default charging preferences, for instance “charge to 80% by 7am on weekdays”. Charge Schedules allow you to simply plug in and charge your car according to your preferences by the required departure time.

Find out more about Charge Schedules here.


Help & Support

Support screen from the Ohme app

Creating an account on the Ohme app helps us to help you.

We’ll be able to easily access your charging information to provide support when you need it.

Peace of mind

My charger page in the Ohme app showing three security settings enabled

Keep your charger secure.

Once you’ve downloaded the Ohme app, you can enable security settings so you can have full control over who uses your charger and when.


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