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How do I set up Intelligent Octopus Go?

Ohme app showing charging screen with Intelligent Octopus Go set as tariff

Integrating your Ohme account with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff will ensure you get super cheap electricity for any Smart Charging. 

Integration options

There are two ways to integrate with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff; with your car or with your charger. 

If you have an Ohme charger, you should integrate your charger via your Ohme account.

If you would like to integrate with your car, however, your Ohme account will need to be unlinked from the charger, which can be done by deleting your Ohme account. Please note, deleting your Ohme account will remove access to the app and Ohme’s security features. 

Octopus Energy app Intelligent Octopus Go set up page

Integration process

  1. Download and open the Octopus Energy App and tap “Get started” on the Home tab.
  2. If you have an Ohme charger, tap “Chargers”, and then “Ohme” when prompted. 
  3. Fill out the following information:
    ✔︎   The model and power output of charger you have installed.
    ✔︎   Which car you’ll be charging (if you have multiple cars select one and you can switch car profiles in the Ohme app.
    ✔︎   Start the tariff switch and agree to the Intelligent Octopus Go terms and conditions.
  4. Login to your Ohme account using the same method used to create the Ohme account your charger is linked to. 
  5. Confirm authentication by tapping “Confirm” 
  6. Tap “Test connection”. Note there is no need to plug your EV in to test the connection. 

Once complete, you should see a “Devices” tab along the bottom of your Octopus app with a “Go to Ohme app” button.

When you open the Ohme app, you’ll notice the tariff has been updated to Intelligent Octopus Go automatically. Ohme and Octopus advise the price cap should be switched off, as all smart charging will be billed at the off-peak rate. 

Charging screen showing the correct setup for the Intelligent Octopus Go integration.

Charging with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff

To get the most out of the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff, you’ll need to ensure you have ‘Dynamic Charging’ enabled with a charging amount and a ‘Ready by’ time set for the next morning.

Please note: Octopus Energy recommend plugging in after 5pm and setting your departure time to any time between 4am and 11am. To maximise the benefits of additional half-hour off-peak slots the price cap setting should be turned off. 

charging schedule with Ohme upon plugin

Upon plugin, you’ll be able to see the charging slots Ohme plans to deliver your charge in.

Please note: Ohme may schedule charging outside of the 11:30pm-05:30am window with the Price Cap disabled. Provided the charger is online and smart charging, all slots will be billed at the off-peak rate with Octopus.

For more information, refer to the Octopus Energy Intelligent Octopus Go FAQs.

Disconnect tariff

Disconnect and change tariff

Your tariff cannot be changed from the Ohme app once you are integrated with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff. 

If you’ve left the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff and wish to change or update your tariff, you’ll first need to disconnect the Ohme integration. To do this: 

  1. Open the Octopus Energy app and tap “Account & settings” > “Devices”. 
  2. Tap “Intelligent Octopus Go” > “Disconnect Device”.

You can now update the tariff in the Ohme app. 



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