Your installation - what to expect
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13th October 2022
by Ohme

Your installation - what to expect

Choosing an EV charger and finding the right person to install it can seem daunting. Don't worry, Ohme have you covered. We’ll hook you up with one of our approved install partners and get you charging in just 7 simple steps.

How much does it cost?

We have a nationwide network of Ohme approved installers who know our products well. Prices vary from installer to installer, but we estimate a standard installation to cost anywhere between £899 for an Ohme Home and £1099 for an Ohme Home Pro. This price will include the charger itself, the installation (that means labour, materials, and maybe miles driven to reach you), as well as the OZEV grant. Find out more about OZEV here.

What is a standard installation?

Generally speaking, standard installations involve fitting the charger not too far from your main fuse box (AKA consumer unit - the box with lots of switches, probably under your stairs). Drilling through one wall shouldn’t be an issue but drilling through multiple walls, or running cabling a long way from your main fuse box, can make the installation a little more complex – this means that you’ll probably have to pay a bit more because yours may be a non-standard installation. Completing your home survey helps our install partners to provide an accurate quote for the work, so there are no surprises once the job is complete. Find out more about what exactly is included here.