Rockar Partnership
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23rd May 2022
by Ohme

Rockar Partnership

Purchasing an electric vehicle charger may seem a little overwhelming, with limited advice available and consumers having to choose something they may not have had any experience in buying before. This is exactly how Martin, one of Jaguar’s customers, felt when he decided to opt for the I-PACE.

After purchasing his car, Martin sourced his own EV charger, focusing on cost and how it would look on the side of his home. The charger he initially had installed would charge from the minute it was plugged in, until the car was fully charged. This would usually be around 5 or 6pm in the evening, when energy suppliers charge the most for electricity. The smart meter in Martin’s home would go straight to red when the car was charging, indicating that the energy cost was at its highest.

Martin was pretty dissatisfied with this set-up when he found Ohme. Ohme is the smartest, cheapest, and greenest way to charge your electric vehicle. Ohme finds the best charging times and prices for you, making your EV ultra-sustainable. Ohme optimises your charging based on the electricity tariff you’ve selected in the Ohme app and, depending on your tariff, you can even get #paidtocharge!

Martin began to notice his smart meter was staying on green once his car was plugged in and throughout the night (he even checked it at 4am, just to make sure). Now Martin knows he’s never paying more than he should be to charge his car. In fact, his charging costs have decreased by 50% just in the first few weeks of using his Ohme charger. Charging with Ohme has also opened Martin’s eyes to using green energy sources, with our ‘Favour Greener Energy option’, Martin can charge when carbon intensity is at its lowest.  He’s really pleased with how the smart the Ohme charger looks on the side of his home, too.

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