What is range anxiety and how can I beat it?
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15th July 2021
by Ohme

What is range anxiety and how can I beat it?

Range anxiety refers to the worry that you will run out of power before you reach your destination, and it's the most common fear among EV drivers. It is most prominent among new EV drivers but can even creep up on the most experienced EV enthusiasts. There are a few ways to reduce your range anxiety and be at ease even on long trips, so here are our top tips.


1. Create a charge schedule 

Creating a charge schedule that considers the distance you plan on travelling will allow your car to charge to the perfect amount for your trip. The Ohme app allows you to create a charge schedule where you can input how many miles you plan on driving or the percentage that you want your car to be charged to, what time you need to set off, and a maximum price cap. Ohme will then use all of this information to optimise your session.  


2. Keep an eye on how you drive 

Driving style can have a huge impact on your range. To maximise range, you should try to: drive smoothly, watch your speed, use less power by decreasing AC or heat and make sure your tires are in good condition. 


3. Know where to charge 

You should always be prepared for an emergency by knowing where your nearest charging station is. This information is available at the click of a button with the apps below.

  • PlugShare: PlugShare shows the locations of over 300,000 charging stations worldwide.  
  • ChargePoint: ChargePoint is both an app and a network of over 114,500 charging points that are not listed on any other station finding apps.  
  • NextCharge: NextCharge is available in eight languages, including: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Romanian and Finnish and offers over 200,000 charging points. 
  • Chargemap: Chargemap is now one of the top charging station finders in Europe. 
  • Greenlots: Greenlots enables EV drivers to find public charging stations nearby that are open, available, and ready to use.  
  • ChargeHub: Creates a customisable profile that helps you find the nearest compatible charge point. 

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