Why your car may not be charging as expected
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28th July 2021
by Ohme

Why your car may not be charging as expected

Schedules set in the car

Some manufacturers allow for basic scheduling or timers to charge the battery which can be configured in the vehicle settings. If you have set a schedule in your vehicle this will conflict with any schedule set with Ohme and result in the car not charging as expected. 


Rate of charge limit

Your vehicle may include a setting to adjust the rate of charge. This affects the speed at which the battery can be charged. If the rate of charge has been reduced in your vehicle, this will result in Ohme charging your battery at a slower speed. For maximum speed, you should choose the highest rate of charge your vehicle provides. Please refer to your manufacturer’s handbook for more information. Please note, the Ohme charger will not allow the car to draw more current than the Ohme charger is programmed for. The number of Amps Ohme has been programmed from can be seen in the centre of the charger display. Please see ‘Understanding the Display Screen’. 



Your Ohme charger contains a built-in multi-carrier SIM that connects to the internet and communicates with the Ohme app via the Ohme cloud. When the Ohme charger is plugged in, it will check the Ohme cloud for any active schedules that have been set within the Ohme app. You will see the schedule selected next to the clock icon in the 'dashboard' section of the Ohme app. 


If the Ohme charger is not connected to the internet it will not be able to select a schedule. Without a schedule, the Ohme charger will default to a ‘dumb’ charge which means it will simply charge your car until full. 


If you continue to experience issues with connectivity please see ‘How to ‘power cycle’ your Ohme wall charger’. 


No schedules set in the Ohme app

When you first set up your account with Ohme and pair your charger you will see two pre-set charge schedules, ‘Every Morning 70%’ and ‘Afternoon Commute’. You can edit these schedules by tapping on the name and adjusting the settings to better suit your charge requirements. Alternatively, they can be deleted by tapping on the name and then the bin icon at the top right of the screen. 


If all schedules are deleted in the Ohme app the Ohme charger will default to a ‘dumb’ charger when plugged in and set a 'Charge to full ASAP' schedule. This means it will simply charge your car until full. 


Charging outside of your tariff’s reduced rate

Ohme will always prioritise charging at the cheapest times of your energy tariff to meet the desired battery percentage set in your schedule. However, if you have set a schedule to charge to 90%, but only 80% can be achieved in a cheap period, Ohme will continue to charge outside of this to ensure your car reaches 90%. 


If you have a variable price tariff, you may wish to restrict charging to the cheapest rates. To do so, you will need to set a price cap. In the 'Charge Schedules' section of the app, in the top right of the screen, you will find a small cogwheel icon. Here you will see the option to set up 'Charging Restrictions'. For example, if your tariff has a cheap rate of 5p between 12:30am - 04:30am you would set 5p in ‘Charging Restrictions’ and Ohme will only charge during these times regardless of whether it is able to meet your desired battery percentage. 


For further guidance, please see ‘How To: Set a Maximum Price Cap’ video tutorial. 

Power-Line adaptors stopping charge from starting

If you have power-line adaptors at your property, they may be creating noise on your electrical circuit which can interfere with charging. A power-line adaptor extends your home’s wired and/or WiFi network (LAN/ WLAN) by harnessing the building’s existing power cables.

Please remove the power-line adaptor and perform a power cycle/reboot of the Ohme charger. More information can be found in our support article 'How to Power cycle your Ohme'. This should help to resolve the issue. If you continue to experience trouble charging after this please contact our Customer Care team via help@ohme-ev.com.