How to 'power cycle' your Ohme
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26th May 2021
by Ohme

How to 'Power cycle' your Ohme

‘Power cycling’ is the act of turning a device off and on again. This is often the first step to take if you are experiencing an issue with your Ohme wall charger. 


You will need to locate the circuit breaker that your charger has been connected to. This is usually located in your main consumer unit or may have been installed as a separate switch. 


Pull the switch down into the OFF position to turn the charger off and wait for 10 seconds. This will allow any residual charge to drain away and the charger to power down completely.  


Push the switch up into the ON position and the charger may take a minute to power back up. 


A successful connection will be confirmed by the following connectivity symbols located in the top right-hand corner of the display screen.

See also ‘Understanding the display screen’. For further information about the symbols that show on the display, please see ‘What do the icons on the screen mean?’ in our FAQs