Customer Case Study
6th January 2021
by Ohme

Customer Case Study

Sarah takes control of her EV charging with an Ohme intelligent charger.

“Ohme is a life changer! It integrates perfectly with my energy tariff. Recently I even got paid to charge! I couldn’t believe it. It’s also a huge bonus that it’s small and portable– I travel a lot for work, so it’s great I can chuck it in the boot when I’m on the road.”

User Profile

  • EV: BMW i3
  • Energy Tariff: Octopus Agile
  • Charger: Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable
  • User Type: Business and personal
  • Average miles per week: 400 miles

Challenge: Sarah was using her inbuilt car scheduling function to charge her EV. She wanted more control to reduce her charging costs and improve her green energy consumption, but without the need for complex apps and systems. She turned to Ohme’s intelligent charger as she discovered it integrates seamlessly with her time of use energy tariff. The charger finds the cheapest and greenest time to charge and she simply had to set and forget, letting her Ohme do all the hard work.

Solution: Ohme works with all electricity tariffs and integrates perfectly with Sarah’s Octopus’ Agile tariff. Ohme was able to give her the very best value for her charging, she was sometimes even getting paid to charge. The Ohme charger interrogates the future pricing levels of ‘smart’ time of use tariffs so that it knows exactly when to charge a customer’s car, whilst keeping to their charging target.

Result: With the help of Ohme, Sarah has completely changed the way she charges her car. Using Ohme’s charge scheduling features, she’s been able to set a maximum price cap which allows her the complete control she was after. She’s now able to experience the well-known ‘paid to charge’ moments for herself, which happens when electricity supply is greater than the demand and energy companies pay customers to use electricity. Sarah was delighted to be paid 8p/KwH on one occasion.