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Octopus Energy Ohme Offer

Only £400 For Octopus Energy Customers

We've teamed up with Octopus Energy to offer our Ohme Go smart EV charging cables at a discounted rate of £400 (usually £449.)

Our portable charging cables contain the same smart tech as our tethered chargers. Perfectly portable, simple to set up and even easier to use.

  • 5m cable length
  • Charge via the mobile app
  • Schedule your charging and set max price caps
  • Connected via 3G / 4G for easy set up
  • Over-the-air updates

You could save over £1000 per year charging with Ohme*

*Based on annual mileage of 12,000 miles charging with a standard tariff at 30p/kWh vs time-of-use tariff at 7.5p/kWh

We have 2 Ohme Go chargers available in both Type 1 (more common in older EV models) or Type 2 (more common in EVs made after 2018) connectors. You can find your connector type in your EV specs, then choose your socket connector (the end you'll plug into your power supply).


A cheaper alternative to our home chargers that works just as well! An electrician will need to install a commando socket.
7kW - 25 miles of range per hour


3 pin

Plug into a standard socket at home. This is an option more suitable for smaller batteries (common in hybrids) as it charges at a slower rate.
2.4kW - 12 miles of range per hour


Why charge with Ohme?

  • Smart - our intelligent tech integrates with your energy tariff so you can charge at the cheapest times.
  • Reliable - Ohme enables you to take control of your charging and feel confident that your car will be ready to go when you are.
  • Easy - we’re here for you when you need us to get the most out of your charging experience. AutoExpress readers voted Ohme #1 for Customer Service for Home EV Chargers.
  • Cheap – you could save over £1000* a year smart charging with Ohme.

*Based on using a Time of Use or EV specific energy tariff and driving 12,000 miles a year.


Want to talk things through?

We can’t wait to help get you started on your electric journey. Give us a call on 020 3966 8626 or drop us a message via homecharging@ohme-ev.com.


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