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How do I set up OVO Charge Anytime?

Person using the Ohme Home Pro charger installed on a brick wall

Integrating your Ohme account with the Anytime add-on will ensure you get super cheap electricity for any Smart Charging.

There are two ways to integrate with Anytime, with your car or with your charger. For everyone with an Ohme charger we would recommend integrating with your charger via your Ohme account. If you would prefer to integrate with your car, your Ohme account will need to be unlinked from the charger to ensure Ohme doesn’t interrupt the charge. This can be done either by deleting your Ohme account or by submitting a request to the Ohme Team for the account to be unlinked.

Here, we’ll take a look at:

How to integrate the Anytime add-on with your Ohme account

OVO Energy account login screen

Step 1

To start the process of integrating your Ohme account with the OVO Charge Anytime add-on, navigate to and log into your OVO Energy account.

OVO Energy website screen showing offers and upgrades

Step 2

Once you’re logged in, tap Offers from the side menu and locate the Charge Anytime offer. Tap ‘Check if I’m eligible’ to continue. You’ll need to select which model of charger you have and agree to the terms and conditions.

Ohme app website login screen

Step 3

Next you’ll be invited to log into your Ohme account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to confirm the authentication so Ohme can share your charging data with OVO.

When the integration set-up has been completed, you should see a new menu item in the OVO Account sidebar called Your EV. This tab will show your electricity usage and costs for your home and car.

My Energy screen of the Ohme app

Step 4

When you open the Ohme app, you’ll notice the tariff has been updated to Anytime automatically.

Charge schedule screen from the Ohme app

Step 5

In order to get the most out of the Anytime add-on, you’ll need to have an active schedule with the departure time set for the following morning.

My Charger screen from the Ohme app

Step 6

Before you plug in, check the Ohme charger is online, in the My Charger page of the Ohme app.

Blue smart charging dashboard from the Ohme app

Step 7

A few moments after you have plugged in, you’ll see the Ohme app Dashboard turn blue with Smart Charging at the top of the screen and the name of your schedule underneath. This confirms all of the charge Ohme has scheduled will be billed at the off-peak rate.

How to disconnect and change tariff

Switch tariff screen from the Ohme app

Disconnect via OVO Energy

Once you’ve integrated your Ohme account with Anytime, you’ll find you can no longer change or update your tariff in the Ohme app.

If you have left the Anytime tariff and wish to change or update your tariff in the Ohme app, you’ll first need to disconnect the Ohme integration. You’ll need to speak with OVO Energy and their support team will be able to disconnect you.

Once you’ve been disconnected, you’ll be able to change and update your tariff in the Ohme app.

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