How Ohme Works

The Ohme ecosystem

Ohme is a platform of connected devices. Our secure technology links electric cars, chargers, apps and energy suppliers and works to find cost and energy efficiencies.

How it works

By using data to balance supply and demand, Ohme's intelligent platform benefits everyone.


Consumers get easy, cost-effective charging. With an agile energy tariff, you can even be paid to drive at times when there is excess supply in the system.


Fleet managers can electrify their vehicles and reduce costs, getting a clear overview of driver activity.


The energy sector can balance the system, increasing flexibility and sustainability.

Working together we can protect the planet, making renewable energy more efficient and the motor industry more environmentally friendly.

Our Products

Tailor our platform to your needs, not the other way around.
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Home Charger

An intelligent charging solution that lets consumers set and forget while being paid to drive with the right electricity tariff.


Portable Cable

For drivers who need flexibility to charge at home or on the go. Our portable cable offers the same intelligent charging at great prices.


Ohme Inside

Save money and supercharge your existing chargers by putting Ohme's technology virtually inside to deliver a fully intelligent charging solution.


Partner Portal

An easy-to-use dashboard that gives control and visibility of your fleet. Calculate expenses and influence behaviour with simple analytics.


Ohme Pay

Give customers a simple, flexible and easy way to pay for charging at your car park with our secure payment platform.



Our simple, secure app puts the internet of power in your hands. Set your charge schedule and price cap and let Ohme do the rest.


Paid to drive - really?

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Using innovative "agile tariffs", like that from Octopus Energy, can help you get paid to drive while supporting renewables. These track the wholesaler price of electricity throughout the day to find the lowest costs.

At certain times there may be an excess of supply from renewables like wind and solar power; however this energy cannot be stored in the grid. Rather than switch off renewables, providers use incentives to manage demand, reducing their reliance on fossil fuels at peak times. This can mean you get paid to charge your electric vehicle.