Meet the Ohme Go

Portable smart charging cable – allowing you to power your EV anytime, anywhere, while keeping an eye on cost for quick and easy reimbursement.

The ultimate plug-and-charge solution:

Portable cable, installation-free

Smartphone app controlled

LCD display screen

Split billing enabled

Easy reimbursement via the Ohme fleet management portal

2-year warranty as standard

Person using mobile app

Smartphone app to unlock more control

Schedule your charging sessions

Optimise the cost of your charging sessions by setting up a personalised schedule in the Ohme app, based on your time and tariff preferences.

Add your energy tariff

Set up your time-of-use electricity tariff and let the app automatically schedule your EV to charge when it’s cheaper.

Monitor energy usage

Keep an eye on your car charging costs and every kWh used to better understand your energy usage at home.

Ohme Home Pro on a clear background

Need a wall-fixed charger?

Check out the Ohme Home Pro – our tethered charger, featuring a colour screen for extra convenience.

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